On-site Sandblasting Services

We provide sandblasting at our Bay Area facility for items that can be transported to our facility without difficulty. Sometimes, transporting an object for sandblasting is not practical, which is why Picon offers mobile truck-mounted sandblasting equipment to provide abrasive blasting services at your Northern California facility.

Mobile Abrasive And Sandblasting Equipment

Pressures up to 90 PSI can be produced at the blast nozzle by special, extra thick, hoses reaching up to 200 feet. This powerful abrasive equipment supported by our experienced engineers, who will choose the appropriate abrasive for your job, enable our truck-mounted abrasive blasting system to handle almost any job as if it were done at our facility.

Vacuuming and disposing of spent sand/abrasives with our truck mounted system is made simple via powerful vacuum suction equipment, such as a DitchWitch FX 60. After the sand is captured in our suctioning equipment, all disposal is handled off-site per CA regulations. If needed before disposal, we take samples of the spent sand for laboratory analysis and treatment as non-RCRA or other waste designations.

High Pressure Hot Water and Detergent Wash for Surface Cleaning

Our top tier Hotsy brand hot water, detergent, and high pressure wash equipment is used to clean surfaces after abrasive blasting has occurred. Powerful hot water combined with industrial-grade detergents from Akzo Nobel enable us to clean sandblasted surfaces to ASTM standards!

Mobile Sandblasting in the Bay Area & Northern California

For Bay area and Northern California on-site sandblasting services and mobile abrasive blasting equipment, call Picon Sandblasting Services at (510) 232-0065 and we will be happy to assist you.