Our clients have chosen to work with Picon over the last 30 years mainly because of our prompt, knowledgeable, and effective services. We provide high quality inspection reports that are highly informative and comprehensible to everyone. In addition to our top tier sandblasting services, we also provide services such as industrial lining, coating repairs, fabricated tanks, fittings,  and ducting.

Why Choose Picon Sandblasting Services

Picon strives to put an emphasis on quality. In this line of work, quality is one of the most important aspects as it separates the high end companies from the lower end ones. The employees here at Picon take great pride in making sure that whatever service they provide, sandblasting, FRP lining, fabrication, etc., are all done with the intent of longevity.

Some of the clients we have worked with include: Chevron, Shell, Tesla, Du Pont, Clorox, Roche Genentech, SRI International, EBMUD, Albertsons/Safeway, Hitachi, Applied Materials, and FSE Energy.

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