At Picon Sandblasting, we understand that many of our clients will require coatings and linings after the sand blasting service has been performed. We provide top of the line industrial coatings and interior lining services with the use of our Plural Component Sprayer. We are able to apply a fast setting epoxy that is both chemical and skid resistant; which helps complete exterior coatings and interior linings in less than 24 hours! The equipment we use is also very mobile, allowing us to travel to different locations as needed to apply coatings and linings on-site at your facility or wherever coating and lining services are required.

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Picon has been applying FRP, sand blasting, and applying industrial trailer linings and tank linings and coatings in the Bay Area and Northern California for over 30 years! With such expertise, comes a very respectable reputation among the 10 top-tier tanker/trailer firms. Our employees are composed of chemical engineers and NACE Level 3 Certified Coating Inspectors. We provide a detailed tests and measure quality control for each and everyone of our projects.

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350k Gallon Olympic Club San Francisco, CA Tank Epoxy Coated in 1 Day

FRP Coating and Lining Services in Northern California