Sand Blasting Abrasives

Abrasives are substances that are used to smooth out softer materials, often done through extensive rubbing. Here at Picon Sandblasting, we provide engineered abrasives that match your exact situation. The process is done with great precision as we measure the Mohr Hardness values of the abrasive materials we plan to use, and also the substrate that we will be sandblasting.

Sand Blasting Services Northern California
Beginning Sand Blasting of Planter Boxes
Sand Blasting Services Northern California
Continuing with interior blasting of boxes
Bay Area Sand Blasting
Sand blasting continued
Finished Sand Blasting Service Bay Area
Finished blasting of planter boxes and ready for coating.

Types of Sand Blasting Abrasives

abrasive blastingThe abrasive materials that we choose to use varies depending on the surface that needs to be sand blasted. Our supply varies from brown fused aluminum oxide to white aluminum oxide, to garnet abrasives and walnut abrasives, cob abrasives and more. They come in various grits and sizes so can you be sure that our abrasive blasting will be effective on any substrate.

Prior to Sand Blasting using specialized abrasives we perform a variety of tests to ensure the proper abrasive sand blasting material is selected. Once sand blasting is completed we are also able to provide a variety of trailer linings, industrial coatings and linings, as well as fiber reinforced plastic coatings (FRP) designed to match your specific application and ensure a long service life of your tanks, pipes, fittings and trailers.

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